Tuesday, September 25, 2012

out of sorts

Some days it seems that nothing goes right ... and I've been having a few of those days lately. Two particular examples come to mind.

First I hatched a plan for Gavin to make custom boxes for some of the kids for Christmas. At the store I asked the guy for some nice wood that wouldn't scratch or dent easily, but was soft enough to cut and finish with hand tools. He recommended maple, so that's what I bought. Turns out maple's very hard and finishing it with my palm sander was impossible. Grrrr.

Taking a deep breath I went to Home Depot to investigate my options. They do sell ultra coarse sanding discs but they do not fit my sander. Worse still, they do not fit any sander that Home Depot sells. How frustrating is that?

I think I've got this sorted out now. I bought the discs, bought a new sander and jimmied up an adapter to allow me to use the sticky-back discs on the hook and loop sander base. I tried it out last night - works perfectly!

Similarly I've been fighting with my knitting. I cast on a simple pair of socks only to find that when knitting the pattern as written my yarn pooled badly. Okay, I thought, I'm knitting on smaller than recommended needles; it's not a bad idea to increase the stitch count anyway. Problem solved, right? But then, after knitting most of the first leg, I asked Gavin to try it on for a photo only to discover that it was almost impossible to stretch the knitting over his heel. Grrrr.

I think I've got this sorted out now too. After a brief time-out I ripped out the sock a second time and reknit it once more replacing two of the six pattern repeats with ribbing. Oh it's stretchy now!

I guess things are starting to look up. But don't they say that things happen in threes? I'm almost afraid to start anything else.


Ginx Craft said...

Oh dear! I'm sure things will start to improve.

Anonymous said...

That sock yarn looks lovely. I'm hoping that it is a goldilocks probelm and you have found the one that is "just right".

Alicia Landi said...

I hate when that happens! I put my projects in timeout when they get annoying... which might be why I have so many!

Kepanie said...

Oh boy, how irritating! I'm sure you'll figure it out and something truly wonderful will be the result. Take a breather and come back to the sitch.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Sounds very irritating, but I'm glad everything eventually worked out!

RobinBrz said...

Argh! How frustrating! We've all been there but that doesn't really help much while it's going on I know.
So take a few deep breaths and give things a break if need be. Often after a bit of time things don't seem as bad right??
And if that doesn't work just chuck the whole thing!!