Sunday, June 24, 2012

Year of Projects: winding down the first year

Knitting on the Road: (pictured in this order) Canada • Canal du Midi • Christmas in Tallinn • Conwy • Dalarna • Denmark • Friday Harbor • Hiiumaa • Huron Mountain • New England • The Road to Oslo • Santa Fe • Spey Valley • Traveler's Stockings • Uinta Cabin • Unst • Whitby

Last night I sat quietly to weave in the remaining yarn ends to finish these Uinta Cabin socks, and while I did, I reflected about the last twelve months of knitting through the book Knitting on the Road for my Year of Projects. Mainly I reflected at how pleasantly surprised I had been; in part by how much I enjoyed these patterns, but also by how much I learned and how much I enjoyed connecting with the other bloggers taking part in the challenge.

Here's a list of just some of the new-to-me techniques these patterns introduced me to:
• English cast on
• Double-start cast on
• Double-thread, double-start cast on
• round heel
• square heel
• Latvian twist
• Vikkel braid
• Kihnu Vits

And having committed to knitting these patterns as far as possible from stash yarns, I've learned a lot about modifying stitch counts and number of repeats to work with the yarn weights I had. One more thing? Several of these patterns provided opportunities to play with colours and patterns in complicated colourwork charts. The big lesson I learned was that too much matchy-matchy-ness makes for very dull colourwork. Sometimes the unexpected colour really makes the whole thing pop!

But it's also been fun to see what all the other participants have been up to, and how they did with their lists. Some have based their goals on learning new skills.  Others have listed a bunch of patterns in their queues and made it their goals to work through some of that. A few lists seemed a bit (or a lot) over the top - whereas 17 pairs of socks in a year was pretty do-able for me, dozens of shawls, hats, mitts and blankets, not so much. And for some, life got in the way and their crafting goals took a back seat. There's a story behind every post and a person behind each blog - it's been nice sharing my online Sundays with all of them.

In fact, it was such a good experience that I'm definitely in for another year. But more on that next Sunday! Want to join us for the coming year? Check out the Ravelry Group here.


Pumpkin said...

All the socks, beautiful, beautiful socks! Your work always inspires me, but seeing all of the pairs collaged together is just staggering!

Faith said...

It's amazing to see what everyone has achieved in such a short time. Your socks are amazing, doing that many pairs wouldn't have been doable for me, but this year I will put a pair of knitted socks on my list as a personal challenge.

Have a great week!

Kim said...

What a lovely mosaic of socks! Your knitting abilities are impressive! I have not even heard of some of the techniques you have learned--but you have inspired me to add sock knitting to my goals for year 2. It has been a great year and it has been wonderful following on your blog. I am updating my sidebar of blogs I read, and am adding you--so now I won't miss your in between YOP posts!
Have a great week-

Ruth said...

Your collection of socks to me is the most beautiful. I can't imagine knitting every sock out of a book and all you leared from it to. I think your right on the colour, the ones I enjoyed the most are the unexpected colour ones you did. I really enjoyed tuning in with you on Sundays and as you say its not just about the knitting but the person and the story behind it.

Anonymous said...

Every pair of socks you have done lately I have just been in love with!

Sandy said...

WOW, wow, and WOW...awesome to see them all like that lined up. I was going to do my run down next week. Fingers crossed, internet seems to be back to normal.

Anonymous said...

they are all beautiful, but I am most drawn to your two pairs of red socks. your color choices really fit the patterns.

Frieda said...

Congratulations on finishing your Year of Projects , that is quite an accomplishment . You have knit some truly amazing socks !

I would love to join in but the way life has been lately , I'm not sure I could stick to it . Every time I think that things are settling down , the sh*t hits the fan .

Alittlebitsheepish said...

They are all beautiful. My year of projects got rather dropped along the way, maybe I will try again

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Congratulations! These are really great and it has been really fun to watch/read you go through the book.

Kepanie said...

Ack! I didn't post Sunday; I was ill. I'll have to remember to post next Sunday.
LOVE your sock collage. You accomplished so many pairs! Woo hoo for you!

goodpurlgonebad said...

They are all fabulous. Thank you for being such a great inspiration! Looking forward to your next Year of Projects :)